Learn To Row Program - ON HOLD


From time to time the Waikato Rowing Club (WRC) offers a Learn To Row (LTR) program which is aimed at men and women of all ages & abilities who would like to learn to row.  The program offers an entry level path for younger athletes who would ultimately like to compete at Club level.  There is also a place for "older" or less athletic rowers who are simply looking for a great way to keep fit and some camaraderie.


The WRC Learn To Row program is currently on hold.  However we will take emails expressing interest.  We will then get back to you when the next LTR is scheduled.  Please be aware that currently we do not know when this may be. 

The LTR course will consist of a total of 8 sessions for each rower, with seven coached sessions lasting about 1 ½ hours each. The final session will be a mini-regatta to give you a taste of racing. 

Day One is introductory and will typically take more than 1 ½ hours.

It will include:

  • Registration and welcome;
  • Group activities: candidates will be spilt into groups of 5 or 6 with each group being introduced to a boat, shown around the club house and taught basic technique on rowing machines;
  • As part of being introduced to the boat, we will cover things like basic jargon, how to put the oar into the gate, how to pick up and put down a boat, how to “split” and carry the boat and the like;
  • The last part will be a short water session (20-30 mins only).

After the first session things get simpler.  We will group five new rowers with three experienced rowers in an eight and train on the water for about an hour or a little longer.

The mini-regatta will be run as a round robin, with two boats racing at a time and each crew racing all the other crews. With three crews, that means two races each. If we have four crews, the round robin stage will have three races each. There will also be a final where the two crews with the most wins race off against each other. The course will be about 500 m from the jetty below Hamilton Rowing Club to the Victoria Street bridge.

After the regatta there will be a barbecue which everyone is invited to.   If circumstances dictate, we will extend the course by a week to make sure everyone gets 8 sessions.

If some people prefer to train on Saturday instead of Sunday we will try to accommodate that, but Sunday is preferred.

Where to Find Us

Some of you will be familiar with the WRC club house on Grantham Street. For those who aren’t, drive down Grantham Street, past the Ferrybank Lounge and under the bridge. Then look for parking on the left, either down the small side road or about 50 m further on the left side of the road above the club house car park. Our street address is 134 Grantham Street.

What to Wear and Bring

Rowing is a water sport, so you will likely get splashed. Older clothing is best but make sure that it is reasonably close fitting. Bulky or loose clothing will cause problems, and cotton is cold if wet.
- Normal gym or sports clothing is likely to be suitable, but;
- Socks should be worn in the boat to prevent blisters, and
- Either wear ¾ length pants or bring long socks (close to knee length).
- Gym shoes are essential for the rowing machines (the first session) and should be brought to every session.
- Also bring jandals, crocs or similar that can be slipped on and off easily when getting into or out of the boat. The gravel below the boat ramp is sharp!
- Depending on the weather, bring sun protection or, if windy and wet, an extra layer for warmth. Polypropylene is good for wet days. A spare item can be carried in the boat provided it is not bulky.
- A water bottle is a good idea.

Registration and Payment

Registration on the first day will be quicker and easier if as many people as possible can sign up and pay in advance.  The cost of the Learn to Row program is $100.  The Learn To Row registration form is available here.  

If you wish to pay by direct credit, the WRC bank account number is: 01-0315-0035806-00. Please include your name as a reference so we can correctly identify who the payment is from.

If you later decide to join the club, the money you pay for the Learn to Row program will count towards your first year's WRC membership fee.

Please remember, payment before or on registration day is required. No pay, no play!