New Members


Waikato Rowing Club welcomes new members of all ages and abilities.  Keen to join? – check out the following overview of categories supported by the club.

The Waikato Rowing Club looks to provide opportunities that are challenging and stimulating for all levels. We aim to enable Rowers to achieve their goals whilst developing a strong and vibrant club environment that’s enjoyable for all.

  •           Novice Rower

For Men and Women who are looking to get into the sport, but have never rowed before, generally between the ages of 17 and 34. The main Regatta for Novices is the NZ Club Championships.

  •           Club Rower

For Rowers who are competitive but want to enjoy a fun element as well. Generally made up of Male and Female School leavers, returning Novices and University Rowers. The main Regatta for Club Rowers is the NZ Club Championships.

  •            Senior Rower

For the more experienced or competitive Club Rowers, and aspiring or former NZ or Regional representatives who are looking for a challenging yet enjoyable programme. The main Regatta for Senior Rowers is the NZ Club Championships.

  •            Masters Rower

For Rowers and Novices who are competitive but enjoy a healthy social component, generally over the age of 35. The main Regattas for Masters are the NZ Masters Championships and Legion Masters Regatta.


More Information

If you would like to learn more about the programs offered by WRC (e.g. training times, season dates, etc), please click on the "Email Us" link above.

Apply For Membership

If you would like to apply to become a member of WRC, please complete and submit a new member form.